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remember-me-logoWhen I first saw Remember Me I honestly didn’t take much notice of it. So when I started playing it, it really surprised me and I couldn’t put the controller down. Where did this little gem come from? Capcom has some great new game mechanics and an interesting sci-fi story to go with it. But will you remember it after playing it?

Remember Me is set in a futuristic version of Paris where people’s memories have become digital commodities, huge corporations have almost unlimited access to everyone’s past, and the new junkies that have emerged addicted to the recollections of others and live in the sewers. You play as Nilin, one of the best memory remixes and collector in the business, who ironically, has had her memory erased and you are on a path to find out why and by whom.

Our heroin Nilin

Our heroin Nilin

The newly interesting and unique Memory Remix sequences, are meant to make you feel as a real memory agent and although they do, there are just too few of them, four in the entire game. In these sections you don’t control Nilin directly, instead you watch someone’s past memory and then you scrub through the interactive time-line of the past memory, changing seemingly insignificant details to effectively rewrite their recollection of the events. It’s great seeing how changing various little items and then watching how the memory changes. You do this until you complete the objective for that memory. These were great and I felt like I was actually dabbling with the memories of others, reshaping their version of reality. It’s during these four sequences that Remember Me really feels like a distinctive experience and truly shines offering something new and unique.

Remember Me isn’t only comprised of memory remix sequences, the rest of the game is made up of combat sequences and some general plat-forming while getting to the next area in the game. The combo system was also that allows you to build your own combo is a little misleading as there are four main set combos that you need to learn, and you can only edit the outcome of each blow. This simple combo system work pretty well and is easy to pick up, and being able to modify the combo on the fly to accommodate the various enemies is a nice touch.

The combo system in action

The combo system in action

The Combo Lab is where you can freely customise your attacks in your four combos with effects that inflict damage, regenerate health, or cool down one of your more powerful attacks. So for example if you’re extremely low on health, it’s useful to jump into the Combo Lab and quickly construct an attack entirely composed of “Regen Pressens” to restore part of your health with every attack. You can do this at anytime which is nice and does come in handy. This system does make the combat situations a very interesting, as you actually will have to tinker with your combos when facing the various types of enemies early on. However because you only have four set combos to edit and once you unlock enough various Pressens you’ll find that you won’t have to visit the combo lab again as your combos will be set and ready for any situation.

As mentioned before you have more powerful attacks known as S-Pressens, these extremely powerful attacks are gradually unlocked during the course of the game. The problem is that they don’t add any major benefit to the fighting, these special moves are designed with a very particular enemy or situation in mind. For example the Sensen D.O.S reveals invisible enemies and cancels special powers, the problem is that you will only ever use the special move on these particularly enemies. It would have been nice to be able to incorporate these into your own fighting style, but they have really long cool down periods. There is some great potential here, just the execution doesn’t follow through.

Wonderful world of Remember Me in future Paris

Wonderful world of Remember Me in future Paris

There are the various collectable to hunt for but this is a very linear game and with a constant set of orange chevrons telling you which ledge you should jump to next, you’ll never get lost or wonder where to go. As for the rest of the plat-forming in the game isn’t at all difficult as the jumps are always made, so it seems as a way to simply show off more of the world which is great and looks great I just wish I could explore a little more.

I really like the presentation of the game, the graphics are good, the world is so intriguing and will pull you in wanting to see and know more. The memory sequences I could play with all day. Animations of the fighting and plat-forming moves are cool to watch. The voice acting is standard and not that bad at all and the only character that you sort of bond with is Nilin. Having said all that you cannot help but wanting just that little bit more from the game.

Remember Me is a new and unique IP from Capcom that offers a new interesting story, a vast interesting new world to explore and be part of and most notably the new gameplay mechanics of remixing memories and crafting your own combos. The game delivers on all fronts and I’ll admit is a lot of fun to play. But as mentioned before you feel as though you want that little bit more. A more interactive world, more control with the combo creation, more memory remixes. I’m sure we will see this in the next game.


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