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Omikron: The Nomad Soul developed by Quantic Dream and published in 1999 by Eidos Interactive. That’s right, the game made its first appearance on October 31, 1999 for the PC as well as the Dreamcast June 21, 2000. PlayStation and PlayStation 2 versions were in development but were sadly cancelled due to the game not making such a big impact on the Dreamcast at that point.


The Nomad Soul is set in a futuristic city known as Omikron. Players are asked by an Omikronian police officer named Kay’l 669 to leave their dimension and enter Omikron within his body. Players get “transported” through the PC into the body of Kay’l 669 and has to solve the mysteries surrounding a serious of murder cases.The game was really awesome; anyone that played this single-player 3D adventure will tell you the exact same thing! I know, the graphics are totally bad and there are some truly weird characters in the game but the story was full of adventure and for a 1999 game, it was wicked.

Here is the trailer for the game. Have you played Omikron: The Nomad Soul? Let us know…

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