Defiance… You want guns? Come get some!

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Defiance is an upcoming third person online shooter and is set to hit PS3 on April 2nd. It is said that the game houses more than a thousand different weapons and that players no matter their play style, from sniper to shotgun, make no mistake, your gun is waiting for you.

Defiance has a system that allows you not only to collect new weapons as loot as you traverse the San Francisco Bay area, but has a system that allows you to salvage them such that you can choose particular pieces to trick out a different weapon. Gone are the days when you find an amazing scope on a less powerful gun: the salvage matrix now has your back.


They have also released the following trailer (below) detailing some of the weapon selections you will come across in the game. Emphasis are place on the following weapons; the “Infector” this gun does not only do some major damage but grows boils on your enemies that erupt with monsters that can then wreak havoc on other enemies. How is that for a gun? We also get to take a look at the Bio Magnetic Gun, the Rocket Launcher and the Detonator. Sony also added;

These weapons are just the tip of the iceberg (and, with the power of the salvage matrix, the configurations you see in the video are just one way you can mod the guns.)

Take a look…

YouTube Preview Image

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  1. Spidersmoke

    13. Mar, 2013

    I think this could be a lot of fun. I got into the PC BETA a while back. The download and all the patches was too big though. So I never did get a chance to try it out.

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  2. Spidersmoke

    19. Mar, 2013

    I got into the PS3 Beta starting tonight until the 25th. Hopefully I will actually get to try it now lol. Unless you or Freak want to give it a go for the Blog?

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