Aliens: Colonial Marines Review

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The war between man and extra-terrestrial species is what we expect from a title like Aliens: Colonial Marines but was the war between the player and the title far greater, let’s see who won…

Aliens: Colonial Marines puts players in control of Corporal Christopher Winter, one of the marines who is part of a search and rescue team sent to investigate the U.S.S. Sulaco following a distress call sent from the ship. Ellen Ripley and Corporal Dwayne Hicks are among some of the missing marines who were dispatched to LV-426. During their investigation; Corporal Winter joined by Sergeant O’Neal and Private Bella discover that the marines are being used as hosts from the xenomorphs colony.

Gameplay Screenshot

Gameplay Screenshot

There are a total of eleven missions when playing the Campaign. Aliens: Colonial Marines also allows up to four players to play the campaign with the drop in or out system from online without having to restart the entire mission or wait for others to be ready. Aliens: Colonial Marines contains three different types of collectibles; Audio Logs which are short audio recordings, Dog Tags that carry the names of fallen soldiers and then Legendary Weapons. These weapons once belonged to characters from the movie itself, each owning different stats and capabilities; unfortunately you are not able to customize these weapons as you would with your standard ones.

Multiplayer also features the drop in/drop out co-op. Multiplayer offers players objective-based game modes such as Marines-versus-Xeno death match, Exterminator, Capture the Flag and other modes with players being able to take control of both marine and alien. One of the features for multiplayer is the ability to take across the XP and rewards that you have earned in the single player and apply them to your online profile.

There are a good variety of weapons ranging from your bad-ass primary and secondary weapons consisting of either sub-machine guns, Plasma Pulse Rifles to a Pump-action Shotgun to mention a few as well as your side-arm one of which a trusty combat pistol and each owning unique capabilities like mentioned before. Most of the weapons can be upgraded with up to four different add-ons. Completing different challenges will also have you earning some sweet XP and sleek new looks for you weapons.

Upgrade and customize your wepons

Upgrade and customize your weapons

There are a very few things that we could say about Aliens: Colonial Marines; obtaining XP and the customizations of weapons were great. Graphically the game did not perform, the textures were very unclear and lacked a good ironing but the environments are true to the film and there is no doubt that fans of the Alien series will recognize them .The story started off with a bang but flat lined soon after playing the game with a short and disappointing campaign. Multiplayer modes added some exciting game-play but did not get our full attention for long.

Expect action packed game-play and no stealth and although I mentioned action packed, the game-play was average because of the lack of thrill in playing. The enemy AI of both the aliens and humans was predictable and unsatisfying. There were no characters that we could say; brought life to the game either. The aliens looked good despite the murky textures and sound effects were not bad either adding a few goose bumps here and there while I was playing but the noise, yes I said noise your weapon made when firing a few rounds was quite disappointing.

Some creepy yet good looking aliens!

Some creepy yet good looking aliens!

When I sat down to play Aliens: Colonial Marines I expected those epic moments where I would hear the sound of a Xenomorph, not knowing if he was front or next to me with steam blowing from a dark corridor, just waiting for an Alien to launch his attack; the same feeling I felt when seeing the movies. This is what I wanted out of this game but unfortunately those few “holy sheet that was awesome” moments were lost to me.

In the end our hopes for a brilliant first person shooter ultimately fails to meet the expectations. Aliens: Colonial Marines isn’t the best but not the worst either. Aliens: Colonial Marines fall under the genre;  buy it months later when the prices have dropped and get the value for your money’s!


Developer: Gearbox Software
Publisher: Sega

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3 Responses to “Aliens: Colonial Marines Review”

  1. Spidersmoke

    26. Feb, 2013

    I agree 100%. It has potential. Every now and then you get a glimpse of it, only for it to disappear lol. This was my most anticipated game this year. It is devastating to see what we end up with :(

    I must say though that playing co-op with friends on Ultimate badass is the best way to play the game. At least the AI comes close to acceptable (well some of the time at least)

    The story is the worst though. It is supposed to fall between Aliens and Alien 3. Yet some how at the beginning the Marines know the ship was over Fury 161 and that Hicks’s body was recovered? Doesn’t tie up. Oh I could go on and on about how bad the story is with all the plots. Thinking about it just makes me more mad! I think I’ll just go cry in a corner now….

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    • Rockstar22

      01. Mar, 2013

      When are you getting Dead Space 3? Let me know maybe we can have a session or two in co-op…

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      • Spidersmoke

        01. Mar, 2013

        Hopefully soon. I told myself I need to finish Far Cry 3 before I buy anymore games. But there is always that devil on my shoulder telling me “Buy, buy, buy” lol

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