Dead Space 3 Out Today!!!

Posted on 08. Feb, 2013 by in Articles, Games

So if you are wondering what to do this weekend? Get to a store, get dead space 3 and get clued to the couch! My copy of Dead Space got delivered to me today and I made sure to get my bum home early! So here I am, already home and I plan on having a Dead Space Marathon if my roommate allows me to hog the tv for that long!

So if you still at work get out of there and yes I know what you thinking; how can I get home with my boss still in the office? Come up with some lame excuse. Here are a few excuse to get you home early to your playstation;

  • My grandma is ill, nah that won’t probably work, how bout;
  • Your neighbour called-the water pipes “broke” and your apartment is flooding.
  • You have diarrhea, trust me, know one will question you about it that!
  • Your cousin went into labor…

Whatever your excuse to get out, just get out! Have a fun gaming weekend guys! For those playing Dead Space 3… snap and try not to scream like a little girl while playing it!




Look out for our review of Dead Space 3 coming soon.

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  1. Spidersmoke

    08. Feb, 2013

    I prefer the nervous breakdown routine. That normally buys you two weeks :p lol

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