FarCry3 High Tides DLC

Posted on 05. Dec, 2012 by in Games, News

Thanks to the bloggers at EU PlayStation Blog we have received word that Ubisoft Massive will be releasing a co-op DLC which will include two new chapters in addition to the already ass-kicking six co-op chapters in the game.

Set to hit PSN in January 2013 and exclusively to PlayStation, the two new missions Jailbreak and Redemption will focus on the gang’s final moments when trying to escape the island! The missions are said to be bigger, better and tougher! I for one cannot wait since Freak_c and I have been blasting are way through the chapters. It will be sweet to kick off the new year with a bang!

Vistit http://far-cry.ubi.com/fc-portal/en-us/store/index.aspx for more info on the game.

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