Need for Speed: Most Wanted Review

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We review the new Need for Speed: Most Wanted from Criterion games where we challenge our friends and others to become the most wanted. This could just be the best Need for Speed ever released. Why? Well take everything you loved from the previous version and then throw in so much of what you wanted and more and you will see why you will most want this game.

See what I did there? The original Most Wanted game on PS2 is loved and cherished by many, including me. It was my one and only Need for Speed title on my PS2, the previous ones I had on my PC. Criterion have really made a name for themselves as the no-joke street racing developers and it shows in the new Need for Speed: Most Wanted. You are able to see the amount of work that has gone into this game from the very first minute you start the game.

There is no real story behind this title as there have been in some previous Need for Speed titles, if you want the story well then you are a new racers in the city of Fair Haven and you love cars and street racing. You enter in at position 11 of the most wanted racers in the city and you need to get to the top. Unlike other titles where you have to earn cash through racers to buy better cars and upgrades which can take forever, is now a thing of the past. From the get go almost every car in the game is available to you to drive.

Beware the cops!

Yes, that means that as soon as you start in your very cool Porsche you could jump straight into an Audi R8, a Lamborghini, BMW M3, SL65 AMG Black Series or even the Lancia Delta or Telsa Electric car. (This might be the first electric car in a racing game?) You just have to find them all. This I think is what is making the game so addictive, kinda like you got to get them all. These cars are scattered around the city for you to find, it’s easy as the logo will be on top of the car for you to see and to drive it is just a matter of drive up to it and pressing triangle to jump in to it. The car then gets automatically added to your car list so that you can swap between cars on the fly using the new easy drive menu, but a little bit on that later. Each car has what’s known as a jack spot, so you can drive the same car from different locations in the vast city.

Along with the cars as collectibles in the game Criterion have also added in jack spots, billboards to be smashed, security gates and speed cameras around the city for you to hunt for. This also adds to the re-playability of the game which is huge. Each car that you own/drive has it’s own set of races and total of 5 per car, which makes the amount of races quite staggering and that’s excluding the top 10 most wanted racers. I mentioned earlier that there is no cash for upgrades, in the game. In order for you to upgrade each car you need to win the racers for that car. Or finish in the top three places to get a reward, for instance the first easy race with a car you unlock only SP (speed points, which is gain for doing just about anything in the game and the amount you have is used to unlock the most wanted races), in second place you unlock off-road tires and in first place you unlock Nitrous. The harder racers you unlock other upgrades.

Beautiful cars

I mentioned earlier the new easy drive menu, from this menu which can be accessed at anytime during driving or races allows you to change your car, customise your car, start races, start the most wanted races, jump into multiplayer and check your autolog. Yes the autolog is back always tracking your friends status and yours during the can recommending races and event to challenge your friends. This Need for Speed is the most social of them all. Which is great because when you see that a friend has beaten your time by a few split seconds you want to beat them back. Even better yet take them down in multiplayer. Multiplayer is great as it sets you up into lobbies and then assigns different events for your group including races and challenges, the great thing is that weather you are in multiplayer or single player you still earn speed points and all other collectibles found. You will be addictive to this multiplayer and the game in general.

So what would a most wanted Need for Speed be without cops? This new version of most wanted is without short supply and many of the later races have you racing while being chased with level 6 cops. Those SWAT vans are killers, let me tell you, but the races are not impossible, I remember playing some older titles where the last few races seemed as though you needed to be a robot just to finish them.

Awesome damage system

The game not only plays extremely well but also looks and sounds fantastic! This must be the best looking racing game out, from the environments to the textures and of course the cars. Man the cars look awesome! I must mention the very cool art style animations before each race and introduction of the most wanted cars are orgasms for your eyes. If you have a decent sound system then crack the volume to eleven as this game sound awesome. I haven’t been this addicted to a racing game  since I found pizza. For anyone who is a fan of racing games and cars this is a game you simple have to play. Get this game and become the most wanted.


If you want to have this game why not enter our competition where you can stand a chance to not only win this title but FIFA 13 and Medal of Honor: Warfighter as well. A huge thank you to Electronic Arts South Africa for supplying the game for review.

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