New in-game XMB Design v2

Posted on 05. Mar, 2009 by in News, PSN Network

Do you recall that talented individual Emissark who created “New Emissark PSN Gamercard”. Well it seems other awesome designers have taken to the idea of re-creating, streamlining and building on Sony’s XMB designs.

The new guy making waves is Mattious_28 and he’s confusing the hell out of sites like who wrote an article thinking that “Mattious mock ups of a new in-game XMB” were actually real, they thought it could be a future Playstation 3 firmware release. LOL! Well done Mattious!!!

New in-game XMB Design v2 from the Official US Forums
Hey there, About a week ago, i posted the initial designs of my interpretation of what i think the PS3 in game menu should look like. Frankly, i think the existing menu is dull and boring. So i went away and started making my own version. I have had some great comments and feedback and am here with v2 of the menu. Hope you like! I’ve made a few changes, and started on some new stuff

We love the designs Mattious! Although Hiphopgamer got it all wrong we would seriously digg your designs to be in  future Playstation 3 firmware. Keep it up!

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4 Responses to “New in-game XMB Design v2”

  1. Mattious_28

    05. Mar, 2009

    WOW, i serioulsy cant believe the hip hop gamer show believed me!! (someone posted on forum that ude wrote an article here!, thankyou so much for your comments its most appriciated!)

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  2. Johnn0

    06. Mar, 2009

    Now that is what the XMB should look like!

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  3. Ham

    09. Mar, 2010

    really amazing idea you should contact sony and i mean realllllllllyyyy.

    only one thing, what would happen to all the dynamic themes we have all paid for??

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