PS3 Service Mode JIG Files Leaked

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Seems the PS3 homebrew community has been discussing attempts to get the Playstation 3 into it’s service mode with no luck, recently an unnamed user uploaded the JIG setup files to help the community in it’s homebrew challenge.

So what’s this mean for us? Well at this time nothing… The setup folder is actually pretty useless without the proper related software… But it offers the tech head hardcore guys in the homebrew community to tinker with some new software and better understand the PS3.

Break down of what each file is:

Lv2diag.self: crashes on a Debug console, likely used for lv2 diagnostics.

PS3UPDAT.PUP: a very tiny updater PUP, enough for just a ‘base’ system. It doesn’t run on any system the resident PS3 Devs currently have access to.

UPDATER_LOG.TXT: simply a service mode updater log.

How it’s done

The PS3 is powered off, and a special USB dongle, known as the Jig, is connected. The PS3 is then turned on, and then off, once it has detected the Jig.

After this occurs, the PS3 is then turned back on, into “Service” Mode. From here, the PS3 is re-flashed using a Firmware Update on a USB stick, specifically designed to only install from the Service Mode. Once the PS3 is re-flashed with the software, it is then used in conjunction with a PC running customized software, specifically the DEX.exe and CEX.exe’s.

There are a multitude of special PS3 firmwares, basically three major ones. The first is a Core System, followed by the Service System, then finishing it off with the Final Software.. usually Retail.

From the CEX/DEX PC side software, just about anything can be done: Copying, transfer and resigning of box-specific items like PSN games, user profiles, etc.

Furthermore, the systems can be re-flashed to any software version as well. The system’s keys can also be “rearranged”, such as the marrying of the PS3’s BD-ROM Drive (or controller) with the mainboard.

Unfortunately the JIG files are obviously illegal so we will not be providing a download link to the files. Read More

Don’t get me wrong I don’t support illegal copying of games but wouldn’t it be cool to push the PS3 and use it in a way that Sony wouldn’t have thought of? Or maybe just allowing users to reflash corrupt firmwares etc? What you guys think? Drop us a comment below.

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  1. Erick Couts II

    25. Sep, 2009

    These look more like PS3 update files rather than JIG creation files. PUP, that would be the Firmware, the diag would be verification of a correct flash or even the capabilities of the console since not all consoles are the same, and the log would be the log file to show any errors that occur on update in case the flash goes wrong and the system need be sent in for repair.

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