BBC iplayer Working and Supports PS3

Posted on 02. Dec, 2008 by in News

Recently some users on the BBC iplayer forums have noticed on the games consoles tab, it states that the PS3 is now supported.

Jonathan: we’ve put the fix in and it should now work correctly.

Darrenj1: Restarted my PS3 and now it works, on playstation forums though, some users are having problems.

Anyone dabbled with BBC’s iplayer yet? If you have drop us a comment and tell us how it went.

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3 Responses to “BBC iplayer Working and Supports PS3”

  1. easy

    02. Dec, 2008

    as far as i know, iplayer will only work for uk residents. they used to have it open to all territories, but it put huge strain on their servers.
    its a pity ’cause its pretty cool if you into bbc programming.

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  2. y-i

    04. Oct, 2009

    i have slim ps3 on 14mg,down 1.3mg,up bb and it just dose not load iplayer videos i can look round see whats on but nothing even with normal res option. i have updated it to v3.00 nothing very poor having to put tv on laptop to watch. i even tryed the old surport site and this shows ipalyer site as you would on a laptop/pc but still nothing :-(

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  3. matt

    15. Dec, 2009

    I have the same problem, i used to watch iplayer all the time on my PS3 through the web browser. Iplayer hasn’t worked since i updated in september. I have updated the software twice since then (one was today), and still nothing. Like a lot of other people i can browse the site, i just can select to watch anything???

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