Firmware 2.52 is Now Available (Direct Links)

Posted on 05. Nov, 2008 by in News

Sheesh that was quick, I just posted details on Firmware 2.52 and it’s already out! If you read my previous post you would have seen that not much has been updated.

* The playback quality of some PS3 format software has been improved.

* A text entry issue that occurs when using the on-screen keyboard, USB keyboard or Bluetooth keyboard with some PS3 format software has been addressed.


South Africans / Europeans HERE is the direct download of the latest 2.52 firmware, instead of d/ling on your ps3. The American readers of PS3Blog can get it HERE.

How to install direct download Firmware onto Ps3:

  1. Before starting, use your PC to create a folder named ‘PS3′ on the storage media or USB device. Within the folder, create a folder named ‘UPDATE’ (This folder name is case sensitive and must appear in all capital letters). Once the UPDATE folder has been created, download the PS3 system software update (The link above) to this location.
  2. Once the update data has been saved, disconnect the storage device and connect it to your PS3 via the slots under the slot cover or the USB connectors depending on the device you’re using.
  3. Once connected, navigate to Settings on the PS3 Home Menu, select [System Update] and then [Update via Storage Media]. Select the connected device and your PS3 will install the update data stored there.


7 Responses to “Firmware 2.52 is Now Available (Direct Links)”

  1. Callie

    05. Nov, 2008

    Is this the link for 2.50 or 2.52? The heading says 2.52, but the description says 2.50.

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  2. Reckless

    05. Nov, 2008

    Nicely spotted Callie, my bad it’s 2.52.

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  3. Inzo

    05. Nov, 2008

    I like for sony to bring an update where you can change the font color to suit the wallpaper i.e bright background = dark font!

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  4. Reckless

    06. Nov, 2008

    @Inzo Agreed, like that awesome white Wipeout theme – It’s friggin wikkid but damn hard to read the white txt.

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  5. SaW

    10. Nov, 2008

    Hey i´ve trying to download the update file to my computer from the official playstation page and i get to the end of the download and it doesn´t finish, it just keeps saying that download timed out. The thing is that i tried to download it here as well and it happends the same thing!! Don´t know what to do. Do you know another place where i can download it??

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  6. Special Kay

    13. Nov, 2008

    I just bought a PS-triple, the 80 gig UT3 Gt5 bundle.I want to know if is it necessary to download all the firmware released so far or will the latest firmware be just enough??

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  7. Yelo

    13. Nov, 2008

    The latest one will do the job :)

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