Fast Cars, Killer Pandas and The Snake Reviewed

Posted on 23. Jun, 2008 by in Games, News, Reviews

I always get excited receiving games from our local distributors, but what made this last week so different from all the others is that man we got a sh**load of games. Myself and Freak C have got our hands full thanks to Megarom and Ster Kinekor.

Am I complaining…? Hell no! It feels like Christmas! So busting into the wrapping and pulling out Grid, Metal Gear Solid 4 and Kung Fu Panda – Now thats an awesome mix!

Kung Fu Panda

First thangs first, Im a graphics geek so did a slow mo move busted out my copy of Kung Fu Panda and dropped it like it’s hot. Come on a kung fuing panda you know it’s gonna be fun? Well it is. Straight off the bat it’s non stop button mashing quick hit combos. Triangle, triangle, square, square, square. You want a fast paced kung fuing for all the family non stop fighting and kicking ass kind of game, then Kung Fu Panda is the one to get. Graphics and gameplay are excellent with a minor irritation for the pro mist graphics, whats pro mist? That haze dream like effect you see in video. I wanted to see crisp graphics not soft lighting but did it retract from me having alot of fun? No way. Its a great game and one to add to the collection.

Overall Rating 7.4

Race Driver Grid

Okay enough of the panda let’s get down to some fast paced racing! Nothing beats an extremely quick tuner car with screaming turbo’s in 5.1. The game has quick load times with awesome visuals, full damage modeling and insane tracks. So insane I found myself hugging the barriers ALOT! One thing that bummed me out was no split screen, sometimes it’s just cool to pickup the controller and vs your mate but other than that, this game is another great one to have. The games coming out are more hits than misses. A great year for the Playstation 3!

Overall Rating 8.2

Metal Gear Solid 4

Do I need to honestly need to tell you GO OUT AND BUY THIS ONE! Surely you have heard all the hype and seen the reviews? This game is by far the most superior next-gen title out at the moment by far. Lets be honest shall we? I’m not a fan of the Metal Gear Solid series. I’m not the kind of gamer that likes to sneak around – sneaky, sneaky ain’t my thang. Having said that and getting that off my chest, what do I think of the game? It’s incredible! Unlike anything I have experienced on the Playstation 3 to date! I don’t even know were to start. It’s one of those games that you haven’t experienced until you have played it. Every aspect of the game is just perfect… From the outstanding mind blowing visuals to the seamless cut scenes combined with amazing music and out of this world 5.1 audio that would make the neighbours raise an eyebrow. It’s the small things, like when a huge chopper is coming in to land and the Dualshock 3 starts rumbling slightly and progressivly get more intense the closer the chopper gets to you, or the insane movie like cut scenes! Can you skip the cut scenes? Yes you can but believe me you wont want to skip these ones! From 3rd person to first person in a matter of seconds, kill, kill, sneak, sneak. This has to be the BIGGEST game of this year so far! GO OUT AND BUY IT!

Overall Rating 9.8

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3 Responses to “Fast Cars, Killer Pandas and The Snake Reviewed”

  1. Inzo

    23. Jun, 2008

    Is MGS4 out yet!

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  2. Freak_c

    23. Jun, 2008

    Yip it was released on the 12th of June :)

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  3. Inzo

    23. Jun, 2008

    Thanks freak but just after posting the latter I went out and got my self the game and I must say,being a huge splinter cell fan which is for some or other reason an exclusive on the xbox,I was really really really impressed with MGS,rite from the install screen up to now! I saw on thursday on Playr on GO,they gave it a 10/10,and I must say its living up to that,why the hell must there be something like work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!speaking of splinter cell do you guys know if it might come to the PS3?

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