How to Setup Wireless Internet Access on Ps3

Posted on 21. May, 2008 by in News, Screenshots

Another how to video, detailing how to setup your Ps3 wirelessly. Might come in handy for the new guys that just bought a shiny new super slick black beast. Watch the video below, courtesy of the folks at Videojug.

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3 Responses to “How to Setup Wireless Internet Access on Ps3”

  1. jason

    21. May, 2008

    that’s all fine and wel but what I need is for someone to walk me through connecting through My powerbook G4′s airport. My Ps3 sees my machine fine and then it all goes crap, and I keep getting dns errors

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  2. Marcel

    04. Feb, 2010

    I have a question bout ps3 Internet access. How do u keep using it without the sign in sign out when I test my connection I keeps on sayin that the ip address is succeded and the internet failed

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    • easy

      04. Feb, 2010

      how are you trying to connect to the internet, wired or wireless?

      i had the same thing when i was using a wifi hotspot. once i selected the network i wanted to join i had to then open the browser and sign in (to Uninet’s wifi network) via the portal provided by the service provider. testing would then render a positive internet connection.

      but if you connecting via a wireless router, you shouldn’t be having that problem. if you can supply a bit more info about your setup, it would help to narrow done your problem.

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