i.load Release: March 23rd

Posted on 10. Mar, 2008 by in News, Rumours

Group [SLUMP] Have supposedly created a PS3 loader which will be released March 23. I’ve deliberated about posting this as news for some time now, because we have all heard it before… We have a loader, we can run game isos yada yada. So I will post this under rumours for now. Could this be another elaborate hoax? Only time will tell?!

Well…it’s finally done!

It’s now possible to play game images over 17.5GB with no lags!
i.load won’t hang up anymore. So all bugs are fixed.

Big thanks to our beta-tester – DCP,FFM,Rob Samson! You guys are awesome!

And now a good message for all the 40GB owner – Jump for joy! You can run PS3 and PS1 backups, too! It was very hard to get it but we’re proud of it!

So, please prepare your internet connection for this historic date, ’cause you will need to download 1.2GB (all in one package with manual).

Big_T and Zizzle will sign up on the websites ~ 5 minutes before the download is public. They won’t answer private messages. So that’s why they aren’t registered yet.

So and now we will have to wait to the PAL birthday of the ps3. I hope you got a party-hat.

Release: March 23.th – 11.23pm

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4 Responses to “i.load Release: March 23rd”

  1. Miaou

    13. Mar, 2008

    Big fake but still March 23.th is a big date, as Crisis Core gets released in english!

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  2. MMZ

    14. Mar, 2008

    We’ll see about that….. March 23

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  3. mike

    15. Apr, 2008

    well, its april 15 now, any word?

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  4. Reckless

    15. Apr, 2008

    i.load I presume is fake, seems every week there is another story about sum hack – which turns out false!

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